The words and work of the Masters are an example of life
and a treasure that inspires and creates energy

I consider this formula for refresher courses to be a winner over others

Mauro Laeng

            International Expert of  Pedagogy        Professor at “La Sapienza” University  of Rome           Rome – Italy     

We developed together with an interesting project

Rodica Mariana Niculescu

                 PhD, Professor of Psychology                    Transilvania University of Brașov Romania

A real continuous education approach has been adopted in a perspective of concrete, vertical educational continuity

Maurizio Tiriticco

  School Inspector  of MIUR – Ministry of University and Research,  Expert in Education          Rome – Italy

Part of my best memories of Italy, Europe, of the meaning of meaningful learning

Addy Rodríguez Betanzos

 PhD  in  Educational Policies      University  UQROO    Cancun – Mexiico 

Together for the Educating Community

Mariana Norel

Prof. Dr. Didactic, Teacher Training Director, Transilvania University

  Brasov – Romania

Building European partnership

Fiore Ricciardelli

 Inspector  of MIUR – Ministry of University          and Research,  Europe School Director                   Salerno – Italy  

Creativity and concreteness belong to him

Fabrizio Virgili

                 Expert in Pedagogy                            Physiotherapist, Writer               Rome – Italy

He influenced me with his energy, professionalism and generosity that characterizes him, giving me new ideas

Lilian Narvaez

Prof. Dr. Director of Childhood Dept. Education Faculty, Concepción University Concepción – Chile 

Training of University lectures for the growth and improvement of the quality of education

Козловський Юрій Михайлович

Доктор педагогічних наук, професор, Завідувач кафедри педагогіки Національний Університет “Львівська Політехніка” Львів- Україна

Culture, Citizenship, Participation

Anna Bon

        Researcher, International Expert                  Maastricht  University            Maastricht – Netherlands

International collaboration

Francisco Imbernon

   Professor of Barcellona UB University              Director of the International Observatory   OBIPD             Barcelona – Spain

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Not only a leader within the team, but also a valuable colleague

Cristian Torres Salvador

Professor at Master’s Degree in Higher Education, University of Aquino –Benito Juarez Santa Cruz, Bolivia – Puebla, México

A unique and unrepeatable experience of Training for the School

Teachers and School Principals

             Pesaro-Urbino              Italy

An enriching, wonderful and unforgettable experience

Sonia Amparo Salazar Artistizabal

Prof. , Head Dr. of the Psychopedagogy Department                           University of  Surcolombiana                                                               Neiva, Huila – Colombia 

Collaboration between the teachers of the 3 Universities of Romania that enriches and improves the Quality of the Master


Based on the Bologna Process University Master,                     Collaboration with Brașov’s, Arad’s, Alba Iulia’s                                     University professors and I.S.P.E.F.,                               Romania, 2014

Exchange of publications and papers to continue the cooperation between Europe and Latin America

Norberto Fernandez Lamarra

                International Expert UNESCO                           Universitary Professor UNTREF                     Buenos Aires – Argentina  

You learn to learn to grow

Maria Uccellatore

Manager of Ministry of University and Research, European Research Programmes “Horizon 2020”     Rome – Italiy       

Let's Make the world a better place through Education  

Elena Simona Tomozii

Research  研究  and International Cooperation   国际合作   of  I.S.P.E.F.  &  E.C.E.   合作伙伴介绍

in China 中国的