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Elena Simona Tomozii & Hou Hansen

Research  研究  and International Cooperation  国际合作

of I.S.P.E.F. & E.C.E. 合作伙伴介绍  in China 中国的

Our professinonal jounery dates back in 2011 when I was just a young professional and continuing till present days.

I can openly say Professor Presutti is one of the people who inspired me to dedicate part of my journey towards the quality of education.

The educational programs, standards and institutional and professional certifications I.S.P.E.F. and ECE promote, represent a simple answer yet responsible to maintaining high standards in the education institutions all over the world.

Due to the complex vision of Prof. Dr. Fausto Presutti in his quality of President of both institutions, it enabled the creation a complex framework of cooperation with professionals and educational institutions all over the world.

Since 2017 we are actively working closely to introduce on the Chinese educational market the international institutional certification for Early Childhood Education and Primary Education institutions, while training the professional to improve the quality of their work and obtain better performances in the educational institutions.

In the same time we developed together a new franchise in education: Columbus Explorations.

Its aim is to bring together all the educational actors and develop high quality, transdisciplinary educational programs for children and their families to enable them to live a complete, healthy and happy life.

The program that is now under progress is called Y-Chef and it designed as an intercultural program focused on the conversational English training and life style for children and their parents.

Elena Simona Tomozii

A ssociate Professor Dr. in General Management and Educational Economy @

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies- School of Business, China;

Founder and Chairman of Empower Cultural Exchange China

 Legal Representative & Head of Operations in China @ I.S.P.E.F. & ECE

General Counselor @ Business Romania – Ningbo Offic

I.S.P.E.F. & E.C.E. in China:

I.S.P.E.F. & E.C.E. modern office in Nansha
Nansha is near Hong Kong & Macao

I.S.P.E.F. & E.C.E. traditional office in Ningbo (near Shanghai)