We developed together with an interesting project

Rodica Mariana Niculescu

Professor of Psycholoogy, Ph.D. 

Transilvania University of

Brașov – Romania

Professor Ph.D. Fausto Presutti became our friend many years ago. 

He proposed collaboration then; we responded positively and, after many obstacles related to the bureaucracy that manifests itself treacherously on all the meridians of the world, we developed together with an interesting project of specialists trained through a Master’s program for early education. 

Other projects followed, professor Presutti being an enthusiast, a pioneer, and a good collaborator.  

The multitude of his ideas, their effervescence, the enthusiasm with which he promotes them are just as many reasons that determine the good collaboration with those who share these qualities.



Thank you, Professor Fausto Presutti, thank you to a good friend.  

 Expert of I.S.P.E.F. Istitute and of Network REEI in Romania             

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