Metacomunication and Linguistics Creatitity Tests

Each of the children’s stories is a small masterpiece that reveals their experiences and at the same time describes the reality in which they act, even if it is expressed in an imaginative way or described in a symbolic and metaphorical way.

Each story is different from the others, yet connected they form a single picture that allows a complete, deep and detailed vision of the social reality in which the children live. The stories are expressed by the children spontaneously, without any objective other than to tell about themselves and to express themselves in order to please the experimenter who carried out the Test. 

The stories tell about events that children live in their daily life or in their imagination, and allow to capture their joys and their problems, often small and trivial if seen with the external perspective of the adult, but deep and significant if captured starting from their mental and experiential experience.

                                                   (Fausto Presutti, 2015, Psycholinguistics. Linguistic Creativity and Metacommunication, I.S.P.E.F.)