Since the 2000s the management of Universities and School and Training Institutions in Europe has undergone significant changes and radical modifications in the vision of Educational Policies and Governance for the following reasons:


– the adaptation of facilities, subjects of study and educational activities to the needs of students and the demands of the Techno-Informed Society of the 21st century,

– the implementation in an effective and meaningful way of Teaching/Learning by Skills through Aptitudes & Capacities (TeLSAC -Teaching/Learning by Skills through Aptitudes & Capacities) by teachers (Presutti, 2018) compared to lessons based on Teaching for Transmission of Knowledge (TeTraK) that dominated education in the Industrial Society of the 20th century.




The purposes of TeLSAC Training set forth above are achieved and characterized through the following guidelines:

– promote and develop Aptitudes through the Psycho-Social Processes of Teaching/Learning and through Knowing/Learning to Be and Knowing/Learning to Live Together;

– to realize and strengthen the Capabilities through the Cognitive-Operational Processes of Teaching/Learning and through Knowing/Learning to Know and Knowing/Learning to Do.

Work Skills Certifications Assessment

Certification of Training Competences and Skills

Students Certifications Assessments